Brybelly SKIT-001 Rainbow Plaid Diamond Kite - 24 x 28 in.

Brybelly SKIT-001 Rainbow Plaid Diamond Kite - 24 x 28 in.
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Manufacturer Part #: SKIT-001
Colors: Rainbow
Lead Time: 2 Days
Size: 24 x 28 in.
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Take to the skies with this soaring, uniquely designed kite. With its creative rainbow plaid pattern, light blue tail, and classic diamond shape, you can take outdoor fun to new heights. Made from high quality rip stop nylon fabric, more resistant to ripping and tearing. Sizing out to 24" x 28" inches makes this kite visible from any height and will surely impress any onlookers. Take off running and let loose up to 100 feet of string. The entire family will enjoy this kite as it soars through the air. Pack it up and take it to parks, beaches, or anywhere with the room to really let it fly.

  • The super rad rainbow plaid diamond kite will even brighten the cloudiest of days
  • Your children will enjoy a carefree day at the park, beach, or backyard with their rip stop nylon fabric kite
  • Don't fret if it gets stuck in a bush or tree
  • Your kite will be more resistant than the usual light plastic kites
  • Size: 24" x 28"
  • Weight: 0.1 lbs