Brybelly Holdings SOUT-301 Family Disc Golf

Brybelly Holdings SOUT-301 Family Disc Golf
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Size: 4" H x 13" W x 18" L
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It's never too early to start disc golfing! Disc golf is a fun way for kids and adults of all ages to get active. And best of all, just about any location, indoors or outdoors, is the perfect place for a disc golf course. Hook a dog leg around a kiddie pool, weave between two tall trees, or aim a tight straightaway down the hallway! If you're not sure how to play, don't worry, we've printed rules, set-up instructions, and diagrams for different throws right on the box so you always have a handy reference!

This family disc golf set from K-Roo Sports is just like the real thing, just miniature and perfectly portable. The target, called a "hole," stands 25 inches tall with an 11-inch basket and 14-inch stabilizing feet. Also included are eight 4.25-inch mini discs in four pairs of colors, which means up to 4 players can play disc golf at the same time. Great for parties and family gatherings, or for a fun-filled day in the backyard or park.

  • Dimension: 4" H x 13" W x 18" L
  • Weight: 1.87 lbs